VA Medical Center Honors Vietnam Vets

Local - 11/12/2012 5:16 PM by Heidi Moore
Veterans and staff members gathered at the VA Medical Center today in order to re-dedicate a special monument.
About 20 to 30 people were on hand as veterans placed a wreath at a monument to fallen Vietnam soldiers. The monument was re-dedicated last year as well to honor those who died fighting for our country during the Vietnam War. The ceremony kicked off with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer and one veteran says this is a bittersweet feeling.

"In one sense it makes us feel good they are honoring us. It makes us feel bad we have to have a Veterans Day, because we lose so many veterans and we lose veterans every day." Said Dave Simmons, a Vietnam veteran.

Veterans are thankful that the medical center is always there to support them.


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