Beckley Veterans Day Parade

Local - 11/12/2012 4:57 PM by Heidi Moore
Uptown Beckley was closed off to motorists today, as the annual Veterans Day Parade marched through. The parade consisted of veterans, high school bands, first responders as well as local businesses and organizations. The streets were lined with people showing their thanks to our troops and residents and veterans alike had a special message they wanted to convey.

"I'm here to help support the veterans // thanks for supporting our country and i love all you all." Said Mady Dyer, a Beckley resident.

"I'd like to say it might be time to forgive some of these people that treated us so badly when we first came back." Said Cormie Hildenbrend, a Vietnam and Korea veteran. "That's what I did. It's made my life much more peaceful. Don't have to carry that resentment around with me anymore."

The parade kicked off at 11 and lasted for an hour. While traffic was held up for a bit, it was definitely for a good cause.


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