Smithers VFD Shuts Down Over Insurance Payments

Local - 11/12/2012 3:39 PM
The Smithers Volunteer Fire Department shuts down for the second time this year.

The department fell behind on its insurance payments and was closed this past weekend.  Mayor Thomas Skaggs says residents will be protected by Montgomery and Boomer Volunteer Fire Departments and they should remain calm.  Smithers firefighters declined to comment.  Meanwhile, some residents want answers as to why the department keeps having money troubles.

"Why is not everything getting done?  Smithers is a small town.  I understand.  But there's questions there and I want to know what the deal is," says Edie Bennett of Smithers.

The department shut down this past spring after workman's compensation expired.  Skaggs hopes the department re-opens in the coming days.


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