Investigation Into 4 Wyoming Co. Residents: Part 2

Local - 11/7/2012 6:33 PM by Lauren Haviland

Whether you knew Brian Cook, Rachel Toler, Chester Stewart, or Sherry Meyers, you, like many, might wonder whatever happened to the four Wyoming County residents.

"With so many people going missing at the same time, it seemed like they had to be connected in someway," said Jonathon Cline.
"They were all related, that someone was doing it," said Beth Lamb.
"A major drug problem in town, I think most people know that. Most people who have been here know that. And I wouldn't be shocked if that played played some part in it," said Matt Sauls.

Police say they believe at least three of the cases are related and they are working Toler's and Stewart's cases as homicides, but more than a year after the four went missing no arrest has been made.

"It could have been somebody they knew very well that hung around them daily because in this community of course everyone knows everybody, so it could have been someone that is in your back door everyday," said Kaula Lamb.
"Small place where everybody knows everybody. Everybody knows everybody's business so how 3 people can go missing and 2 ,which have already been found, and them have no leads at all whoever is doing this they've been really good about covering their tracks," said Beth.

Unlike family and friends, residents in oceana say law enforcement hasn't been able to make an arrest for multiple reasons.

"Authorities I don't think they have enough information on it, because they all just suddenly came up missing," said Kaula.
"They just dont have any evidence to go on they dont really have any leads, so I think if they could wrap this up they would love too," said Cline.
"I'm sure there's someone out there that knows something. You know maybe they're scared maybe you never know what the reason is that they're not coming forward. I'm sure there is at least one person in Oceana that knows something about it," said Kaula.

Many locals feel if police do make an arrest it would make their tight nit community feel much safer.

"I couldn't even imagine why somebody would do something like that and it was obvious that somebody had some it. They didn't just go to them places and die somebody put them there," said Beth.
"I think that's a big issue for the cops, because that's their job, is to make sure the community is safe," said Kaula.


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