Investigation Into Four Wyoming Co. Residents: Part 1

Local - 11/6/2012 10:30 PM by Lauren Haviland

Not a day goes by that Tony Berta doesn't wonder who killed his girlfriend, Rachel Toler. Berta and Toler built a home together and lived a simple life until one day toler vanished.

"She'd take her walks yes, she would. Would walk from here to Pineville, but she always came home," said Tony Berta, Rachel Toler's boyfriend.

She was reported missing on August 9, 2011 by her family.  Berta held out hope but two months later on October 17th her remains were found in a cemetary near Matheny, confirming his worst nightmare.

"I've lost a lot of sleep just sitting around wondering. I mean I don't know if the guy is going to come here or woman, whatever it is. But I 'd like to meet them myself I'd give my house, my car which ever one they want. Just let me know who done it," said Berta.

The Wyoming County Sheriff's Department is working Toler's death as a homicide, but Berta doesn't believe law enforcement is doing everything to solve his girlfriend's case.

"In ways it makes me wonder why they ain't out there trying to figure out who done it. Seems like all he does is get on that camera and sit there and laugh, and I'd like to challenge that Mr. Aliff either do your job or resign," said Berta.

Berta isn't just referring to Toler's case; around the same time she went missing three other Wyoming County residents, Brian Cook, Chester Stewart, and Sherry Meyers all disappeared as well. Berta and police believe at least three of these cases are connected.

"I think they was killed for drugs, over drugs and there's a whole lot of people in this town that better worry, because theres drugs everywhere in this town," said Berta.

Stewart was found dead on May 11th in a pool of an abandoned home near Matheny. Meyers and Cook are still missing. Berta fears the worst and he wants justice for all four of the Wyoming County residents, especially Rachel.

"I think the girl is in heaven myself. She's in peace. Except for one thing, we need to find out who done this," said Berta.


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