Man Flown to Charleston, Shot by Troopers, VIDEO INCLUDED

Local - 11/2/2012 5:30 PM

Police were in the midst of an investigation with 55-year-old Ronald Reese, when another investigation began.

Thursday night was like everyother night on the job for police until around 10'oclock.
"Search warrants are executed daily and we execute several search warrants just in the Fayette County area alone, not counting the rest of the state, and 99.9% of the time they don't turn out like this," said First Sgt. Greg Duckworth.

State Police were executing a search warrant on South Bottom Page Road, in Page, but instead of walking away with a man in handcuffs, one was airlifted to a Charleston Area Medical Center.

Police walked into an armed arm man, but Ronald Reese's family says that he had no idea that police were even knocking at his door.

"He started toward the door. The cops busted through his front door. When they bust through his front door they did not provide a search warrant," said Stover.

Police say the shooting was justified.

"They're very experienced and training kicks in and several years of experience in the drug unit as well as uniform so they did what they were trained to do," said First Sgt. Duckworth.

"'If I had known the cops were the ones out side plundering no I wouldn't have had a gun. Did I want to be shot? No,'" said Stover.

The investigation into the shooting and search warrant are on going.



A man is flown to the hospital after he's shot by state troopers in Fayette County.

According to Sgt. Michael Baylous, the troopers were executing a search warrant on South Page Bottom Road in Page around 10:00 PM Thursday.  When they entered the home, Ronald Reese, 55, approached the troopers holding a gun.  The troopers say Reese refused to drop it and was shot.  They say his wounds appear to be non-fatal, but he was flown to Charleston Area Medical Center for medical attention.


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