Alleged Police Impersonator Arreseted

Local - 11/1/2012 5:00 PM by Lauren Haviland
A Memphis man has been arrested for impersonating a Beckley Police officer during the storm.

John Sealy, 39, is charged with two counts each of Impersonation of a Police Officer, Attempted Fraudulent Schemes, and Attempt to Obtain Money Under False Pretenses. 

Sealy allegedly was contacting local businesses and residents ask for cash donations to support the Fraternal Order of Police.

"Beckley Police Department doesn't solicit in any form that would have been a tip right off. Secondly typically a legitimate organization is not going to ask for cash donation, they're going to encourage to have a paper trail of that transaction, whether it be check or receipt for the actual transaction. That's a ringer right off the bat, that he was asking for cash," said Det. M.G. Bragg.

If you feel like you were a victim of this scam call the Beckley Police Department at (304) 256-1720.


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