Domestic Violence Vigil

Local - 10/13/2012 9:20 PM by Lauren Haviland
So far this year 38 people have died due to domestic violence, and that's just here in the state of West Virginia.  So Saturday victims, survivors and supporters came to remember those who we have lost because of it.

Every 9 seconds in the United States a someone is assaulted or beaten and 90-95% of those victims are women, but one survivor says domestic violence does not know race, age, gender or religion.

"No one would really think victim when they look at me, but that's the point. Anybody can be a victim, anybody can become a survivor. Anybody who's walking the streets, you see at the health club, at the office or the store could be a victim or a survivor of domestic violence. There is no stereotype it's not just women, it's not just children.  I was a child survivor," said Roger Lockridge.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or know someone who is, call your local police department and/or the Women's Resource Center at (304) 255-2559.


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