Are You a Victim of a Crime?

Local - 10/5/2012 5:01 PM by Lauren Haviland
The house that the three murder suspects allegedly shot at on Sixth Street last week has damaged from the bullets.  Under West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund the homeowner, who was not at home at the time, is also considered a victim.

The fund was created in 1981 and expenses from medical, mental health counseling, property damage, funeral and burial and even crime scene clean-up are covered.  One local attorney said most victims are unaware this fund even exists, but if you qualify there's one key requirement to remember.

"You have a 72 hour window you can report this type of a crime and if you're outside of that window you may not be able to receive any type of compensation while being a victim of a violent crime, so I would underscore the time sensitive nature of this," said CEO of Family Option Providers, Robert Dunlap.

If you're a victim you can get an application at your local police department.


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