Adopt A Pet (October 5, 2012)

Local - 10/5/2012 12:30 PM by Nadine Grimley

In this week's Adopt A Pet we have Amelia and Simba.

Amelia is a two to three month old (she could be even younger) lab-collie mix.  She'll be a medium to large sized dog. She's really sweet and playful.      

Simba has already been adopted!  He has a bunch of siblings at the shelter that need good, loving homes too.

There's an adoption event at PetSmart Saturday from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

If you are interested in Amelia, Simba's siblings, or any of the animals at the shelter, you call the shelter at (304)-574-3682 or you can stop by in Beckwith.


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