Miner Celebration Convention

Local - 10/4/2012 5:46 PM by Heidi Moore
The coal mining industry is a major part of West Virginia and today past, present and future workers were celebrated.

For the third year in a row, employees of the coal industry gathered at Tamarack to hear speakers, witness hands on demonstrations as well as meet with vendors. 10 workers are being honored with the "Because of You" award and there will be a special dedication to the planning committee of the UBB memorial. This year brought the largest turn out so far and it is only expected to grow.

"Coal is West Virginia and West Virginia is coal. We're honoring, celebrating, the professionalism and ability of the coal miner or West Virginia. People come together and like to celebrate that more." Dennis Jarvis II, or Marshall University, said.

The focus tonight is on how all different members of the coal community work together, from the accountants to the coal miners themselves.


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