Scammers Posing as Microsoft Representatives Over the Phone

Local - 10/3/2012 5:38 PM
The Better Business Bureau and the Fayette Co. Sheriff's Department are alerting everyone about phone scammers posing as Microsoft representatives.

The BBB says callers are claim to be tech support, but what they're really trying to do is get you to give them their credit card numbers and, in some cases, try to get remote access to your computer.  This scam's been reported in other parts of the country in recent years.  Sheriff Steve Kessler says they've received complaints from residents.  Susan Turner of Pax got one of these calls.  She says she became suspicious of the caller when she kept asking her to turn her computer on.

"She would say get on your computer.  Turn your computer on.  It's like she wanted me to run through something," Susan says.

BBB also says there are several ways to prevent you from being scammed.  You should go through your internet service provider directly if you think there's a virus and install virus detection software on your computer.


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