Suspect Said, "I'm being accused of an armed robbery, but with what weapon?"

Local - 10/3/2012 4:47 PM by Mike Pickett
Deputies catch a lucky break while responding to an armed robbery in Raleigh.

Ryan Bailey, 24, was arrested after he allegedly robbed the Raleigh flea market around 11:30 Wednesday morning.  Sheriff Steve Tanner said Bailey robbed the market using a knife, but he didn't get far.  Beckley Police Lieutenant Paul Blume cornered him just as he was running away from the scene and in front of his cruiser.

"Lt. Blume saw him, turned the car around, right as Mr. Bailey was attempting to get into his car to flee the scene.  Lt. Blume blocked the car in.  Within minutes, sheriff's deputies arrived on scene," said Sheriff Steve Tanner.

Bailey was arraigned on the armed robbery charge and is being held in Southern Regional Jail on $150,000 bond.


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