Sheriff's Work on Tracking Cash Drug Purchases

Local - 10/3/2012 4:29 PM by Lauren Haviland
More than 152,000 West Virginian's have a prescription drug problem, and Wednesday sheriff's around the state took one more step to ending the epidemic by asking for the federal government's help.

Sheriff Steve Tanner said 93% of prescription drug transactions go through a national data system that identifies the prescriber, doctor and medication, but the other 7%, that pay cash, are not submitted into the system. Sheriff's are asking for a national tracking institute a policy that would have cash transactions for controlled substances routed through the system.

"The first thing we know is that the most of the population of West Virgina lives within 30 miles of the boundary of another state. Whether that be Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio.  Most of our population is very close to the boundaries of other states so we need national legislation not statewide," said Sheriff Tanner.

Tanner said he is hoping this can go into affect within the next few months.


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