Gas Prices Hitting Businesses, Charities Hard

Local - 3/14/2012 5:32 PM
Gas prices continue to climb as a gallon costs more than $3.80 at many stations. While all of us feel the pain at the pump, it's especially effecting businesses, schools and charities.  Nicholas Co. School Superintendent Beverly Kingery says half of the schools' transportation budget is spent on gas.  They may take money from other budgets to help pay for it.

"We may have to reduce some of our maintenance costs.  We may have to reduce some of our professional development, which is the amount of money we spend each year to be sure our teachers and staff are adequately trained," she says.

The Salvation Army in Summersville says some customers who live far away aren't coming to their thrift store as much because gas takes away from their budget.

"People just can't afford, even though they get a bargain when they come here, the percentages of the bargain that they save by purchasing things here.  They eat up in gas when they have to drive that far," says Sgt. Leonard Henning.

Restaurants are also feeling the effects.  One owner says some of her waitresses who live far away can't make it to work sometimes because they can't afford it.


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