Former miners got together today in Virginia to remember the good times

Local - 9/1/2014 6:15 PM by Adam Mayer

POCAHONTAS -- The 23rd annual coal miner’s reunion was held today in Pocahontas, Virginia today to celebrate the hard-working miners and railroad workers whose hard work contributed to the area.

Those who took part in the celebration were a part of a parade and after heard old fashioned stump speeches. One miner told Newswatch that this celebration has become a habit that they don't want to lose.

Don Boone, a former coal miner from Pocahontas, VA, says “because of the older miners, which they're not too many left in this area and we've been having this now for 23 years so it got to be a habit.”


Officials say that this year over 50 people were in attendance and can't wait for year 24.


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