Saturday night, a family in Raleigh County came home to an unpleasant surprise.

Local - 8/31/2014 5:12 PM by Adam Mayer

DOROTHY -- After a structure fire destroyed one room in a Raleigh County home last night, the Harron family is thankful that the rest of the house didn't go with it.

Steven Harron, the father of the family from Dorothy, says “her room is just shot, we took some pictures a while ago to look at it and you can even see from here stuff that's supposed to be clear plastic and blue is almost black, it would've been a few minutes later I wouldn't have a home.


The Harron family took a trip to Beckley to do some shopping, but when they returned the fire had already started in one of his daughters rooms. Now all the Harron family can do is wait without power until after the holiday weekend to receive any word from the insurance company.


Harron says “insurance company will be in Tuesday to call us hopefully when they come down to check it out, the fire department already looked at it but won't have a report for it until Tuesday.”


Luckily for the Harrons, one of their neighbors works for the Whitesville fire department and he put the call in as soon as the fire started. But, Harron says that other local companies would help in cleaning up the area.


Harron says “the fire department is great but I’d like to see the power company clean these lines up and if it ain't the power company’s lines for some which it ain't I’d like to see the other companies come in and clean their lines because the community relies on stuff.”


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