Alumni at a Fayette County High School are getting remembered in a different way

Local - 8/30/2014 8:15 AM by Adam Mayer

MOUNT HOPE -- Joe Johnson, class of 1953 from Dubois High School, says “Dubois High School from a physical perspective doesn't exist, I think the last class 1956, but DuBois will always remain in our hearts.”


DuBois High School alumni got a once in a lifetime opportunity to come back and share stories on the good times.


Alma Fleming, class of 1950 from Dubois, says “you'll see nothing but happiness here today everyone’s happy to see everyone else and it's like you know you meet no strangers, people are coming back and you see people who went to school at a different time than yours but they're still from DuBois.”


Track 2- the segregated high school burnt down in 1957 and for the 20th reunion class mates are leaving their mark on mount hope.


Fleming says “I like to think that it made us sophisticated to be able to come to school with people from so many different places and we loved it


The project was funded by a grant through the national coal heritage area Adam Hodges, a member of the new river gorge development authority, says this project was a great way to commemorate history of DuBois High School.


Hodges says “Some of them are actually in the photograph and were in that high school so we felt it was appropriate to kick off our event with this mural and the painting of it by having them put the first brush strokes on it.”


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