A Greenbrier County festival is looking forward to ending the last days of Summer with a bang.

Local - 8/30/2014 8:14 PM by Adam Mayer

RAINLELLE -- At the Rainelle Fall Festival today officials want to spend the last days of summer the right way. The festival started this morning, but music and entertainment lasted through the night.

Officials say it wouldn't be possible without help from the mayor and any other local organizations that help promote this event.

Glenn Singer, an entertainer at the festival, says “once she's gotten everyone together there's a lot of really good things, cleaning up the town and getting a lot of organizations together, a lot of churches are working together, this is the sort of thing where there's a lot of fellow ship, folks from all over town and the area get together and lots of good things come out of that.”


Rick K and the Allnighters and North Carolina band Eyes of Emiline performed tonight to help wrap up the fest.


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