One Raleigh County festival is all about the kids

Local - 8/30/2014 8:13 PM by Adam Mayer

LAKE STEPHENS -- The Kids Classic Festival began today at Lake Stephens and allowed kids to be a farmer for a day.

The festival's theme this year is “grow with us,” it celebrates farming, agriculture and gardening and the event didn't fall short. Activities included games, arts and crafts, and a petting zoo, where there was one animal that people in the mountain state don't see on a daily basis.


Caden Trump, of Bolt, West Virginia, says “every body's got those herd and black angus's, an everyday person doesn't get to see a Texas longhorn walking around so i think it's pretty cool to have city people come here and see a Texas longhorn.”


Proceeds from the event will benefit community improvement projects at Lake Stephens.


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