Capito, Tennant highlight jobs at Summit

Local - 8/28/2014 5:36 PM by Stuart Hammer

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – As Election Day draws closer, politicians up for election are out in full force selling their platforms to West Virginian’s looking towards a better future. Newswatch was in Greenbrier County Thursday morning where two women are battling for a Senate seat.

The 75th annual West Virginia Chamber Summit brought together two political heavyweights in Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant. The two are battling for the U.S. Senate.

They highlighted flaws in the Obama administration and told the crowd of business leaders how they plan to create jobs and boost energy production.

“The good paying jobs in West Virginia start with energy,” says Tennant, “So it's coal, it's natural gas, it's wind and solar.”

 Capito echos the statement, but says we need can’t be too aggressive, “I think we need to make sure we do it right, we develop it right, we use the environmental safeguards we need to have.”

The debate lacked fuel, but the energy in the room was all about West Virginia resources.

We can be energy independent in 2020,” says Capito, “With the natural gas we should be multiplying that effect because that will turn Walmart into an accounting job, into an engineering job, into a welding job.”

But to get to a better tomorrow, we have to build a strong foundation.

“West Virginians aren't skilled enough to fill the jobs that are needed,” says Tennant.

Quality jobs and an improved economy starts in the classroom.

“From quality preschool education to community and technical colleges to four-year colleges,” adds Tennant, “Are the skills that can be built for students of today for workers of tomorrow.”

Capito says peace of mind for locals is vital, “Provide certainty to jobs and families across West Virginia; protecting our coal jobs, our energy industries, for growing them.”

Tennant says outsourcing and competition from China is an uphill battle, “I want to be able to keep West Virginians here because it’s our natural gas and we should be using it to increase our economy.”

Debates between these two candidates are likely to amplify as November nears, and job creation will continues to be an intense topic. For now, we’ll just have to take their word for it.


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