One Mercer County elementary school is giving it's students the opportunity to be a farmer for a day

Local - 8/25/2014 5:55 AM by Adam Mayer

SPANISHBURG -- Spanishburg elementary students got the chance today to harvest their crops today after planting them last year before school let out. Students grew everything from potatoes, green peppers, and squash students say that this opportunity gives them the chance to learn, eat, work, and taste the successful harvest that they accomplished.

Anna Elise Tolbert, a 5th grader at Spanishburg Elementary, says “school isn't just about work and learning, you can have fun while learning, it's pretty much about what you get out of it. You can get a chance to eat healthy and it's just a brand new opportunity.”


The students will get to enjoy their crops from the harvest soon for lunch.


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