It's that time of year again for the little birds to leave the nest and make their way to college

Local - 8/22/2014 5:00 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- Parent's helped move their kids into their dorms today at UC Beckley. Plenty of Dolly's, hands, and people helped in setting up each dorm to fit the kid's style and personality.

 After talking to some students, the thing they're most looking forward to is beginning classes and being ready. But you can never be too prepared for the first day of school.

Kaitlyn Titus, a freshman from Ripley, says “well without a stable place to be ready you already have your stuff set up and everything, you don't have to worry about that or how am I going to get this here and actually focus and study and have friends to help you study.”


The first day of classes at UC Beckley begins next Monday, August 25th.


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