Famous Bluefield photos up for grabs

Local - 8/20/2014 5:35 PM by Stuart Hammer

BLUEFIELD – The city of Bluefield is enjoying its 125th birthday, and to celebrate it’s reminiscing about the past.

Photographs from the 1890's through today will be on display over the next week in Mercer County. Legendary photographer Mel Grubb has many of his most iconic pictures up for bid.

Sue Jackson at the Arts Center says long-time Bluefield residents will love taking a step back in time, seeing images from World War II parades to front-door milk delivery.

“People can look back and see things they remember from the 40's, 50's; the train station that's no longer there, the buildings,” says Jackson.

The silent auction will start Thursday at the Arts Center in downtown Bluefield and run through August 30. Bidding starts at $30 for each print.


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