Fayette County town operating without a Chief

Local - 8/18/2014 7:51 PM by Stuart Hammer

ANSTED – A Fayette County town is operating its police force without a leader.

Ansted has been without a police chief for about two weeks. The city removed John Kiefer from his position in early August.

Mayor of Ansted, Pete Hobbs declined to elaborate on the details of his dismissal, but there is an ongoing investigation about the town's finances which the Mayor says he expects will result in the town being vindicated of any potential wrongdoing.

Meanwhile the mayor is interviewing candidates to replace Kiefer, and he expects to have another officer hired within the week to fill the void.

“Running a police department in a small municipality is probably the greatest challenge that a Mayor faces,” says Hobbs.

The town hasn't experienced any major set-backs without a chief. There is no time-frame on when a new chief will be hired.


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