In southern West Virginia, hope starts here that's what a local organization wants you to know

Local - 8/16/2014 6:48 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- People from all over southern West Virginia came out to see just what the day of hope had to offer. The convoy of hope partnered with many local businesses, nonprofits and churches to help make this event possible.

Elizabeth Barker, a resident of Beckley, says “churches are carrying out the great commission to share Christ’s love and this is a very tangible way to do it, so I think it's great in today's age to do something to reach out and make a positive impact.

The Day of Hope is all about giving local families a much needed break from their stressful lives and let their kids be kids on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Adrina Osborne, a resident of Bloomwood, says “a lot of kids need this. Like the poor kids may not have been able to go to the fair. I think this is a great alternative.”

Officials say that hundreds of volunteers helped in providing their services, but without the community coming together on this day, this event could have never happened.

Pamela Daniels, a resident of Mt. Hope, says “we want the whole world to come together and one day it will and this has been a real blessing to my soul just to see other people being blessed.”


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