One local organization is letting girls get down and dirty and experience thrills of the outdoors.

Local - 8/16/2014 6:42 AM by Adam Mayer

GLEN JEAN -- Girl scouts took over the "Boy Scouts of America’s Summit Bechtel reserve today" for a day of ziplinning, mountain biking, canopy tours and much more. It was all part of enjoying the high adventure of the area. Representatives say that these opportunities are what make being a girl scout exciting and worthwhile.

Debby Kemmerling, the Community Engagement Manager, says “well number one it's a great opportunity to be outside being a part of the girl scouts is doing things outdoors and camping and different activities>

Erin Thomas, a Girl Scout in Fayette County, says “Girl Scouts are a real fun thing to do boy scouts looks fun to but we come together and sell cookies and go on trips."

Girl scouts of black diamond council serves 15,000 girls in 61 counties in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.


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