Dozens of calves born at 90th Annual State Fair

Local - 8/15/2014 5:49 PM by Karen Franklin
FAIRLEA - The 90th Annual State Fair of West Virginia will wrap up Saturday, but there's a few expectant mothers who aren't ready for its end. 

Bella is just one of the organic Jersey cows at the Birthing Center, and she hasn't had her baby yet. Her owners at the Perk Farm Organic Dairy in Frankford expect that she'll give birth within days.

For the last five years, the farm has showcased dozens of artificially inseminated cows in hopes that they'll give birth during the week of the fair. 

It's a big attraction for visitors of all ages, so the farm hopes the Birthing Center will give everyone a chance to see live births, nursing and the milk collection process. 

The Perkins Family told WOAY that kids always ask if a newborn calf is a baby deer. They're also asked when the next calf is coming, but that's a question they can't answer. 

Lauren Perkins spoke with WOAY about the funniest moment yet.

"We actually had a cow whose water had not broken yet, and she was really close to the fence, and the kids were all up against it trying to get a good view of it, and she sat down and her sack broke, and it kind of splashed the kids, and they got a little excited like, 'Oh, my gosh, what has happened?'" Perkins said.

More than 17 calves were born at the fair, but that number can change any minute. 

Jersey cows produce the most milk fat, which is richer in content that other breeds. The Perk Farm Organic Dairy is home to 350 of them.


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