One Raleigh County theatre is preparing to rock the house.

Local - 8/15/2014 4:49 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- The Theater of West Virginia will be playing host to the band, Phil Dirt and the Dozers, who will be headlining the concert.

Officials say that this vintage band has been coming back to Beckley every year, and they've come so often they've built a following here in southern West Virginia. The theater is hoping to sell out again and raise money to help see past year 54.

Scott Hill, the manager of Theater of West Virginia, says “Theater of West Virginia has had some tough times but were rebounding and we can use these dollars to help perpetuate theater of West Virginia in the future not only this year but 2015 and so on we've been here for theater of West Virginia for 54 years, we want to make sure we see 55 and 56 is just as strong as 54.”

For more information, tickets are still available by calling 304-256-6800.


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