One Raleigh county organization is encouraging citizens to help curb the amount of litter in southern West Virginia

Local - 8/15/2014 4:47 AM by Adam Mayer

SOPHIA -- Officials are saying that an illegal dump site just off of covey mountain road in Raleigh County is the largest dump site in years.

This dump site was first reported by a man, who officials say, was out picking black berries and spotted the garbage. Litter can last hundreds of years in our environment and take away from the wonders of West Virginia.

John Dunn, the Litter Control Officer of Raleigh County, says “West Virginia is such a beautiful state and when you have something like this it just destroys the natural beauty of the state and also the trash and stuff like this it can seep into once its deteriated, seeps into the ground water and gets into the water that we drink.”

Instead of dumping trash illegally, citizens are being encouraged to dump trash at the landfill at the end of each month, free of charge.


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