Crime Stoppers wants to regenerate interest in cold cases around Raleigh County

Local - 8/14/2014 4:28 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - Crime Stoppers is hoping to regenerate interest in cold cases around the Raleigh County area.

The group will launch a public awareness campaign this weekend is hopes of getting more information about seven to eight unsolved murders. 

The Raleigh County commission agreed to fund half of the $10,000 reward. 

"I hope that everyone supports Crime Stoppers and helps them in any way they can," Commissioner Steve Davis said. "The public can give any information to Crime Stoppers and do a lot to help them, so we just hope that Crime Stoppers will continue, and they'll do a good job."

Several unsolved crimes date back to the early 80s, including the fatal shooting of Cynthia Miller, who was shot in her apartment the evening before her wedding in 1981.

Former detectives have worked for years on certain cases and say it becomes a part of who you are.

"Once you get involved in an investigation like these, you never really get over them," Butch Fink said. "You never really forget about them. They go on the back burner, but then they resurface every so often,  and you wonder maybe what you may have missed."

Since 1993, Crime Stoppers has cleared 363 cases and paid 301 awards totaling almost $59,000.

Any information will be confidential. More information from Crime Stopppers will be distributed to residents in the newspaper.


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