Dunn found guilty of all charges in Raleigh County Court

Local - 8/14/2014 4:12 PM by Mike Bundt
BECKLEY- The Donald Dunn first-degree murder trial came to a close Thursday morning with the jury finding Dunn guilty of all four charges against him.

Despite hoping for mercy, the jury decided not to give Dunn the opportunity of parole. Dunn was found guilty of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree with use of a firearm and attempted first-degree murder with the use of a firearm. Sentencing is set for September 5th with Dunn being detained in Southern Regional Jail until then. Both prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller and defense attorney David White gave us their reactions to the verdict.

"This was not only the verdict we needed for justice for the victim, the deceased and the defendant's rather but for public safety. This defendants conduct and his expressions demonstrated that he was probably, well was one of the most cold blooded murderers I have ever prosecuted," said Keller.

"Well, we're disappointed obviously, we were hoping for some consideration of mercy but all in all, I think we got a fair trial. There's some issues that will form the basis of an appeal, a motion for a new trial, he'll investigate those issues further," said White.

The family of the victim Mark McDermott reacted to the verdict by saying it was the only acceptable verdict.


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