It's that time of year again that students dread, but parents and teachers rejoice

Local - 8/12/2014 4:54 AM by Adam Mayer

OAK HILL -- This morning, more than 60 teachers were at Collins middle school in oak hill preparing for the first day of school tomorrow. Officials say that last year’s second month enrollment was as many as 875 students and are expecting to be within 20 of that number.

Each teacher is expecting anywhere between 150 to 200 students so this day is very important for teachers to get acclimated to their classroom. Officials say that this year’s planning was smooth sailing from day one.

Robert Keaton, the principal of Collins Middle School says “it's been a lot of fun being able to plan, last year we came in a little at the last minute and tried to get things off the ground quick but this year we've had the summer to plan and we feel like we have things laid out a lot better for the students.”


The first day for students in all of Fayette County is tomorrow.


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