The defense is taking the stand today in the trial of a 24-year-old Raleigh County man accused of killing his stepfather and then trying to kill his mother.

Local - 8/12/2014 4:47 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- Donald Dunn appeared in court again this morning for day four of the trial. The prosecution has concluded presenting its case and the defense has begun calling its own witnesses.

Johanna McDermott, Dunn's mother, took the stand today to testify. In the process, McDermott read what would be her suicide letter.

McDermott read aloud the letter saying “I feel trapped in a loveless marriage for too long and trying to work and take care of mom is too hard I can't keep my head above water anymore, I can't keep up with work and take care of mom and support mark and deal with this cancer.”

The trial is still going on and we will have more information on the conclusion of today's session.


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