The state has rest in the Raleigh County trial of a 24-year-old accused of killing his stepfather and then trying to kill his mother.

Local - 8/11/2014 4:51 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- Donald Dunn appeared in court again this morning for day three. The prosecution has concluded presenting its case and tomorrow the defense begins calling its own witnesses.

Authorities say Dunn fatally shot his step-dad, 47-year-old Mark McDermott and attempted to kill his mother, Johanna McDermott. The alleged incident happened in May 2013 at their home on overlook drive in Stanaford.

In a previously recorded interview between Captain Jim Bare and Dunn, Dunn says that “I have no desire to hurt people but I feel like if I’ve got myself into a corner again it could happen" Bare said “then again you didn't feel, some people do this for the rush, this wasn't a thing for thrill?" Dunn replied "no sir" then Bare asked "did you feel that it was a necessity?"  And Dunn replied "yes sir.”


The trial is set to start tomorrow morning at 9 starting with defense questioning.


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