One Raleigh County competition is locked and loaded and ready to knock down some targets

Local - 8/9/2014 6:22 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- The Coal Field Classic, which is being hosted by the Beckley Gun Club, started today with a bang. People from all over the country are descending to cool ridge to take part in the competition. The classic has two different types of competitions, target shooting and plate shooting. Officials say more than 300 are registered to participate in the event.

James Long, the President of the Beckley Gun Club, says that “we've got shooters here from all over the country coming from Utah, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, all over the country and have 322 registered shooters for the next two day.”

Fred Michel, a resident of New Jersey, says “it's a pleasure to be here the people are wonderful i can't say too much more about the people in West Virginia and the state of West Virginia.”

The coal field classic ends tomorrow with more target shooting and plate shooting.


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