A Fayette County camp is giving kids the opportunity to protect and serve for one week

Local - 8/4/2014 5:38 AM by Adam Mayer

FAYETTEVILLE -- The Fayetteville Police Department is giving kids a chance to go through the ropes to become a police officer. The camp started today with some early morning PT and continued to basic marching practice.

As the week progresses, the kids will become more and more experienced and they prepare for their final test at the end of the week. Officials say that this camp gives these kids an opportunity to learn skills that are necessary later in life.

Officer Tyler Hogan says that “the first day is kind of like a practice session but during the week most of these kids want to be in the military or be police officers so I’m just kind of working with them both but so that they get a feel for what they might be doing later in life.”

 The camp comes to a close on Friday with a skills review and a graduation in the afternoon.


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