Man walks away from serious car accident in Beckwith Saturday night

Local - 8/2/2014 11:42 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKWITH - One person is walking away from a serious car accident Saturday night with not many injuries besides a scratched hand. 

A man was driving his car along Route-16 when he lost control, went off the road and then flipped. It happened around 9 p.m. Near Jenkins Fork Road in Beckwith.

When Newswatch arrived, a tow company was working to remove the car. Although it may not be totaled, the accident resulted in very costly repairs. 

Wet road conditions contributed to the accident, according to firefighters. Southern West Virginia did see widespread storms tonight. 

Firefighters said the area between Fayetteville and Cotton Hill Bridge is often very slick following rain, especially in areas where the road has major curves.

"We have a lot of wrecks down there," Capt. Dennis Milam told WOAY. "Normally every time it rains, we have a wreck in that area, so people really need to slow down and be careful in the curves because the curves down that way really do get really slick when it rains."

Milam said the accidents are even more common when heavy rain follows extremely dry periods.


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