With the help of one group, a little girl's dream was made a reality, and she's now sharing her experience in Raleigh County

Local - 8/1/2014 5:27 AM by Adam Mayer

MACARTHUR -- The West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocer's Association are partnering up with West Virginia chapters Make-A-Wish to raise money to make local dreams come true.


Today in Macarthur, one girl in particular was on hand at the little general store. Skye Hollis, a 12-year old from Frankford who is in remission from leukemia, discussed how the foundation has changed her life and the lives of many other children.


Hollis said that “Make A Wish donated a lot of money to me, they were awesome to me, they also donate to kids and they let me go to New York.”


The OMEGA / Make-A-Wish campaign is selling "wish stars" through omega member stores in West Virginia during the month of August.


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