One Raleigh County museum is giving guests a blast from the past.

Local - 8/1/2014 4:37 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY --The Raleigh County Veterans Museum is providing a history lesson with their priceless artifacts inside. This museum took over 17 years to complete and opened its doors in 2000.

Local history fans will be impressed to see the artifacts inside, not just by how they preserved, but by how each piece of history has its own little story. The museum plans to add a veterans home included with the museum to help collect and preserve each artifact.

Linda Summers, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, says “the museum here is absolutely priceless, we have a veterans hospital located here, and we also in the future plan to have a veterans nursing home so it's appropriate that Beckley have this, we do have one of the best museums in the state for the veterans.”

The museum is holding a fundraiser on august 26th at six in the evening at the moose lodge.


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