Volunteer with code enforcement in Mercer County

Local - 7/30/2014 4:44 PM by Stuart Hammer

PRINCETON – Citizens of Princeton, if you're looking for a unique way to clean up your neighborhood without breaking a sweat consider this volunteer opportunity with the city.

The code enforcement division in Princeton is looking for rangers to notice and report property violations.

The city has been patrolling for 20 years but has recently taken an increased interest in making the city the best it can be.

Code Rangers will be extra help for the city to report eye-sores in the community including tall grass, junk cars and appliances, or unsafe structures.

“I think cities are interested in bringing business and families to their community,” says Code Enforcement Director, Bill Buzzo, “And I don't know of many businesses or families that would want to move to a trash dump.”

Buzzo adds that he believes Princeton is one of the cleanest cities in the state because of these efforts.

The city acts on reports and gives violators a chance to clean up the nuisance before seeking assistance from law enforcement, if necessary.


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