Residents know the drill

Local - 7/29/2014 11:12 PM by Kevin Jacobs

OAK HILL - An apartment building in Oak Hill executes a plan to make sure its elderly residents know the drill.

Oak Hill Fire trucks rolled in just minutes after seven this Tuesday evening. The elderly residents quickly evacuated the four-story apartment building. Some of the residents are physically impaired, which is why Twins Oaks Plaza Property Manager Candice Dickerson says the fire drill has boost their confidence to evacuate safely in the event of an actual fire.

"So, this is actually the best response we've had. They feel more confident. I know myself and my staff also feel confident, and it also gives us an advantage because it allows the fire department to get more familiar with our building," said Candice Dickerson, Property Manager.

"People that live here have responded miraculously. They've been very cooperative, and I think they are truly prepared in the event if a fire," said Oak Hill Fire Chief Tim Richardson.

Both the Oak Hill Fire Department and personnel at Twin Oaks Plaza say they'll meet and discuss what worked and what did not. The fire drill lasted for 30 minutes.


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