Red Cross facing massive blood shortage

Local - 7/29/2014 3:39 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY ā€“ The American Red Cross is facing a blood shortage and only you can prevent the shortfall.

The Red Cross in Beckley is in urgent need for donors of all blood types. Over the last eleven weeks donations have gone down eight percent nationally, resulting in about 80,000 fewer donations than expected.

The deficit is so significant that the Red Cross may be forced to declare an emergency situation in the coming weeks.

Debra Hatcher was in Beckley today donation, and she says it's about helping others.

ā€œI never needed blood transfusions or anything, but I just figure I might need it one of these days, and Iā€™d like to think somebody's out there helping me.ā€

Eligible donors with type O-negative are encouraged to give, because they have the universal blood type.


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