Pittman sentenced in Raleigh County Court

Local - 7/28/2014 12:08 PM
BECKLEY- A man accused of breaking and entering in Raleigh County then leading deputies on a pursuit through Summers County has been sent to time behind bars.

30 year-old Jason Eddie Pittman was sentenced in Raleigh County Court Monday morning to one to 15 years on charges of burglary and daytime forced entry. He will also pay restitution. He had been convicted in connection to a July 2009 break-in in Judson, then led authorities on a pursuit and rammed a sheriff's department vehicle in the process.

"He's one of the most institutionalized people I have ever seen. He, as his attorney told the court and as he told the court, he basically went into the state's custody at the age of 10 and since he turned 18, he's been in penitentiary," said Andy Dimlich.

Pittman's sentences will be served consecutively with his sentences on unrelated charges.


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