Pizza Plus murderer to serve life

Local - 7/23/2014 5:33 PM by Stuart Hammer

TAZEWELL – A man confesses to the 2009 double homicide of a couple in Tazewell County on Wednesday.

Christopher Looney of Belfast pleads no contest to the murders of his parents Dean and Valerie Looney.

Christopher was sentenced on capital murder charges and will spend life behind bars.

The family requested the court that he be spared the death penalty.

The Looney's were killed at their Pizza Plus restaurant in Claypool Hill in March of 2009, but Christopher wasn't arrested until February 2013.

Officials say he was angry about money at the time and went to the restaurant armed with a knife on the day of the Looney's slayings.

“Valerie fought, I’m sure, and from what I've of the crime scene, we knew that before we heard the defendant say that,” says Commonwealth Attorney Dennis Lee reflecting on the confession of Christopher, “She was a fighter,” he says.

Lee adds that Dean came to the aid of his wife during the brutal murders.

Tazewell Sheriff Brian Hieatt says despite it being more than five years ago the case never went cold, and justice has been served.

“This had a large impact on our community because people didn't know who was out there that committed these murders. ‘What may happen next? Is someone else going to be murdered the next weekend?’”


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