Pair of former Concord football players learn their fate

Local - 7/21/2014 6:49 PM by Stuart Hammer

PRINCETON – A pair of former concord football players appear in court and one leaves with a prison sentence.

Maricco Sanders and Riyahd Richardson each stood before Judge Derek Swope Monday.

They have both entered plea agreements to conspiracy after an alleged drug-deal gone bad near the Athens campus last year.

Judge Swope demanded each take a drug test on site Monday morning.

Sanders was clean and his plea deal was accepted. He will be transferred to South Carolina to serve his sentence.

Richardson tested positive for THC this morning and the judge will allow 30 more days for another test. If he fails, Richardson will go to trial and his plea agreement will be denied.

The third player involved in this case, Russell Bailey, was delayed due to a conflict with his attorney.


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