Natalie Tennant stops discuss education agenda in Princeton

Local - 7/18/2014 7:01 PM by Mike Bundt
PRINCETON- West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant is in Mercer County today to help promote her new education agenda.

Educators from nearby communities gathered at the Princeton library to learn more about the US Senate candidate's education agenda. Tennant says that education is crucial for the future of West Virginia. She has highlighted startling statistics that show that West Virginia workers lack the skills and training to fill the jobs available in today's economy. Tennant says for that to change, the state needs to keep education as a main focus.

"I have said this time and again that my number one priority is helping to build and create good paying jobs in West Virginia and that all starts with education because we can have all the jobs in the world but if we don't have the skilled workers to fill it, then it's for naught," said Tennant.

Tennant has been hosting discussion roundtables across the state as part of her campaign for West Virginia's US Senate seat.


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