Preschoolers wanted for program that teaches through music

Local - 7/17/2014 5:23 PM
BEAVER - A program for preschoolers that teaches through music is looking for more participants before the start of the school year.

Kids of Harmony, which is a business inside the School of Harmony in Beaver, is more than a daycare.

The year-long, faith-based program prepares children for kindergarten with a music curriculum.

Teachers say kids will learn to write their own names and read. They think music is the key to success.

"We try and give them the exposure to realize it works as a memory aid -- music does -- and also as an emotional release for them, but also just a way to get their creative juices going because everybody knows preschoolers are energetic, and they're creative, and for music -- that's the avenue for them to express themselves and become more developed as people."

The preschool runs on the same schedule as Raleigh County Schools. The first day is Aug. 19, and information is available online at


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