McDowell County Schools summer work

Local - 7/17/2014 4:10 PM by Rachael Cardin

WELCH - McDowell County Board of Education members said the summer months are always an extremely busy time for them.


McDowell County Superintendent Nelson Spencer said throughout the summer, schools are still a whirlwind of activity. Maintenance is ongoing and repairs are being made to the many schools in the county. Spencer said this is also a time for the county to do hiring for the upcoming year. There are currently 28 vacancies that need to be filled, and Spencer anticipates even more people will be needed.



"We're in the process of interviewing new applicants right now. Out next board meeting well have several of those applicants on to be approved and that will create and domino effect with some of the transfers so well have another posting to fill those so our personnel department as well as our maintenance department is very very busy as well,” said Spencer.


Spencer said they aim to hire teachers who will make a positive difference in the classroom.


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