Nicholas County Commission under legal fire

Local - 7/16/2014 5:19 PM by Rachael Cardin

SUMMERSVILLE - A county commission faces legal criticism after they attempted to hire a city administrator without going through the proper procedure.

Concerned citizens in Nicholas County said the County Commission is unfit to do their job. Residents are attempting to have the 3 commissioners removed from office due to 'incompetency'. This case already went through the court system after the County Commission attempted to hire Robert Beverage as the City Administrator without going through the proper procedures; never allowing the people vote on it. A Wyoming County Judge found the Commissioners at fault, but an appeal has been filed. One citizen explained why he wants a new body to represent him and other members of the community

"They couldn't just get somebody off the street and hire them. There is a process that they have to go through. They violated the WV Constitution and WV codes and it was explained to them on numerous occasions and they refused to listen to it so we had to file an injunction and take them to court,” said Nicholas County citizen, Tim Clifford.

The Nicholas County Commission has filed an appeal and that litigation is ongoing.


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